• Where have I been singing?

    Posted on March 1, 2014 by in Emma Evans Singer - Map


    I was recently chatting to a friend who asked.. “How many weddings do you think you’ve sung at now?!”

    I have been singing at weddings and special occasions for almost twenty years so this question often pops up but I’ve only been able to give a guesstimated answer. Which got me thinking.. how about going back to the beginning and counting up how many and where I’ve been to and putting all that info onto a map (time-consuming but interesting nonetheless!)
    So this is what I came up with :
    3 different countries, over 60 different venues/hotels and over 130 different churches, and many of those venues and churches I’ve worked at several times.

    I’ve been so fortunate to sing at weddings in Ibiza and France and have travelled to many parts of the South East of England to perform at some incredible venues and beautiful churches. As a solo performer (without an Agent) I’m pretty pleased with that!

    To anyone that asks the same question again I can say it’s 300+ weddings and special occasions that I have been part of but more importantly I’m looking forward to exploring even more places where I have the privilege to sing and meeting the lovely people involved.

    Take a look at the list at the bottom of the ‘Wedding Singer’ page to see if I have already worked at your chosen venue or church?!

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