• Hello world!.. here’s my story about a beautiful Ibiza Wedding

    Posted on January 1, 2015 by in Ibiza Weddings

    It’s very exciting to be entering the blogosphere!! Not so sure I’m going to be any good at it but hey I’ll give it a shot – I at least owe it to my fabulous web-designer for sorting out this swish blogging facility.

    And what better way to christen my Blog than by telling you about my first Ibiza booking…

    It was a lovely unexpected surprise to hear from Tiffany (nee Wright) after fourteen years. We went to the same school, Tiff was in the year above and now a popular journalist writing for Grazia and Cosmopolitan magazines, as well as being a published author and Co-Founder of The Proposers – the UK’s first and hugely successful professional wedding proposal company, together with The One Romance – award-winning luxury romance and proposal planners.

    After stumbling across my website and remembering me of old (singing in the school chapel!) Tiff got in touch and told me all about the plans for the wedding ceremony.. “a beautiful spot on the top of a hill overlooking Es Vedra rock” ..Wow, that description alone was enough to sucker me in, it was a done deal!

    Flights and accommodation booked (fortunately Ryanair allow PA systems in baggage hold, at an extra price of course) and I was off.

    Anxious about how I was going to set up my PA system on the top of a rocky hill, I made sure I attended the rehearsal the day before the wedding to figure out the logistics. Luckily an extension cable running what must have been two hundred metres up the hill had been pre-arranged – BIG thank you to Alan the owner of the magical property where the wedding took place for organising it.
    It’s essential for a vocalist to use a microphone when performing outside to amplify the voice and carry the sound, so that even guests sitting on the very back rows can hear.

    The day of Tiffany and Patrick’s Wedding arrived, Saturday 15th September 2012 at 3.30pm and you can count on Ibiza that the weather was perfect.. sparkling blue sky and uninterrupted sunshine : )

    Tiff wanted to keep the music traditional for the ceremony and chose Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod version) for the Entrance with her father Howard. I then sang The Lord Bless You & Keep You (John Rutter) during the Signing of the Register. The Exit song was a modern request which I learnt especially called Love You Till The End by The Pogues, famously in the film P.S. I Love You.
    The ceremony was gorgeous and despite a little bit of hilltop breeze whipping up it all went perfectly.

    Then it was down to the amazing villa to sing for an hour during the drinks reception. PA system reassembled I sang a selection of easy listening pop and jazz classics.. Over The Rainbow, Fly Me To The Moon, Summertime.. and with breathtaking views from the high terrace overlooking the valley stretching down to the deep blue ocean I thought I’d gone to heaven, it didn’t feel like work at all!!

    Thank you Mr & Mrs Norris for asking me out to Ibiza to sing at your stunningly beautiful Wedding.
    I hope it’s the first of more to come on that incredible island.

    Stunning Ibiza Wedding Photography by : Gypsy Westwood

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I just wanted to write a quick note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the gorgeous Emma Evans for her stunning singing at our Ibiza wedding. Listening to her sing as I walked down the aisle made the moment incredibly special (i still get goosebumps thinking about it.) Emma is an exceptional talent with the most gorgeous singing voice I have ever heard. If you want the world’s most amazing singer for your wedding then I fully suggest you get in touch with her. She made what was a perfect day, even better! Thank you thank you!

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